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G’day, Nathan here!

It may have seemed like a while coming for you, but our Christmas process has been a mammoth effort in the making for us at Bruthen Creek. The last few months have been chaos, we’ve been busily digging in trying to make headway into improving our farm infrastructure to keep up with demand.

It can feel a little hard to stay encouraged at times, because every step we take is met with another two challenges. Ray has been working extra days on the mower – his day job – just to feed the pigs, since the price of feed has gone up massively through the drought. Coupled with low moisture in the soil, our grasses just aren’t bouncing back as quick, increasing our reliance on feed.

Projecting forward financially, we just cant afford to sustain the difference from our own family income into feed costs, so we’ve had to make the decision to keep our quality foremost, slow our expected growth, and increase the pricing to reflect these pressures until the drought breaks. We know our customers who have tasted the quality of our produce will understand. Investing into local, ethical produce will keep our Aussie producers afloat. The good news is, our Summer Celebrations Packs are chock full of amazing items that will make your pre-Christmas season worth celebrating! These packs will be expertly prepared by a family butcher in Rosedale, and delivered with love by us. Thank you for all of your support and we look forward to seeing your beautiful Chrissy dinners!

Off the doom and gloom – we’ve been stoked to build a couple of relationships with local farmers to add organic apples and free range eggs into the pigs’ diets whilst upholding our zero waste ethos, and supporting other local businesses. Although these products are fit for human consumption, unfortunately these were destined for the compost! Whilst supermarkets reject produce that is the ‘wrong’ size or colour, we reap the benefits, and it’s awesome to be able to put these products back into the food cycle. If you know of any local businesses that we can work with, make sure to connect us!

In other news, we were thrilled to have our produce featured in a 5-course degustation dinner at The Long Paddock in Lindenow, in conjunction with exquisitely matched ales from the region’s (Australia’s – in my opinion) best craft brewer, Sailor’s Grave. Bree and I attended the dinner and it did not disappoint! The Long Paddock used a whole pig across the five courses to feed around 40 people, with offerings from other local producers in each course as well. Check out our Instagram feed for more images from the night. We are still buzzing from the dinner, and think The Long Paddock is worth a visit any time you’re in the area, and of course if you see a Sailor’s Grave Brew at your local, definitely give it a try!

Please click here to order your Summer Celebrations Pack, or email us, Of course you can always get in touch via our Facebook page too, if that is your preference!

Thanks for sticking around, look forward to catching up for a quick yarn on delivery day.